Women of Strength – Sharoon Shahid, Content Creator, Community Leader

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As part of our new series where we bring forward Pakistani women of strength and talent, meet Sharoon Shahid who has shown exceptional strength in the face of all odds.

A single mom to a wonderful boy, Faateh, Sharoon continues to set example for working and single moms alike. We wanted to catch up on her on a personal level and get to know the lady behind this courage.

Q. Who is Sharoon? Tell us something about the woman inside.

I am a woman- a woman who is strong enough to defend herself. A woman who is compassionate and loving enough to spread love to even those who have maltreated her. A woman who knows how to balance stubbornness and anger with tenderness and grace. A woman who wasn’t like this some time back, but who has gone through the brunt of things and has been molded into someone who is now self-aware, confident and shrewd. A woman was labeled as just a woman, but turned into one who could manage the entire household and do everything the society only deems a man to be responsible and capable for.

Q. Who is the Sharoon we all know?

I am a work in progress and learning from my mistakes as well as the wisdom of the many brilliant people I am surrounded by. I am Sharoon, a 31 year old woman who now has enough courage and confidence to accept and appreciate herself because I have realized that it is only self-acceptance and self-love that gets you through problems and propels you forward. The description above is in no way an implication of my narcissism- trust me, I am very harsh on myself when needed and scrutinize my mistakes, but I know how important it is to remind myself of my qualities so I can ignore the noise all around me.

Q. What about the Sharoon we probably don’t know yet?

I have gone through quite a number of hardships in life. From going through a time when my family and I couldn’t afford to have more than 2 rotis/ person a day to our parents getting separated and our father completely abandoning us to going through financial crisis for a major part of my life to suffering from emotional and physical abuse in a co-dependent marriage and to going through separation, I have been on a roller coaster. But has the journey been good? Of course, it has and I am Alhamdulilah blessed to have a good life. The hardships don’t scare me. Where there are people, there are bound to be troubles and Allah tests his beloved ones a lot so I am happy.

Q. What are your personal interests? The things you like to fall back on for relief?

I am actually a simple girl at heart who loves to read, write, dance, play a lot and like crazy with her adorable 6 year old son and think deeply. I love the little pleasures life has to offer and maintain a gratitude journal to keep reminding myself of how blessed I am amidst all the hardships that come growling my way every now and then.

Q. What has been your silver lining?

Despite all that I have gone through, I don’t have regrets now because the biggest gift I could have ever received would not have been in my arms if life were to be any different. Yes, I am referring to my son, my extremely energetic, shrewd, naughty and sensible 4 year old son who keeps me on my toes all the time because he knows his lazy mother won’t hit the gym to lose weight otherwise and who keeps shaping me into a better and calmer person with each passion moment. Faateh, you are the light of my life and my anchor who keeps pulling me back to the present and makes sure his mother doesn’t drown in depression.

Q. Sharoon, we are quite impressed. Please tell us a bit about what you do professionally?

Professionally, I am a writer and blogger. I have been working as a freelancer content creator for the past 8 years and have written over 1000 e-books over this course of time on a range of topics such as confidence, success, goal-setting, hygge, growth mindset, introversion, anxiety, depression, gardening, dog training, health, fitness and happiness  as a ghost writer.

Many of my creations are Amazon best-sellers now. I have also self-published my own e-book ‘Happiness Through Mindfulness’ on Amazon., run my own blog under the name of ‘Mindful Reflections’ and have worked with and am still working with different companies as their content developer.

I am also the Community Lead of Connected Women Pakistan that is a social enterprise created to facilitate women in their entrepreneurial and professional journey. I am also associated with Suno Kahani Meri Zubani (an organization created to promote the love of Urdu through storytelling) as a storyteller and a part of their social media management team. I also specialize primarily in building LinkedIn profiles of clients and have helped many people grow from having about 50 views on their posts to over 1000 on each post along with a huge number of connections which eventually brings in more opportunities of growth and expansion for them.

I also have a blog on Steemit which is a crypto-currency based social media platform. I have been blogging there for over a year now and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. http://steemit.com/@sharoonyasir

Q. Why did you choose writing as your main medium?

I have chosen the writing and speaking industry after a deep analysis of my strengths, passions, things I have grown around with, my purpose in life and things I have developed a skill at. I intend to grow bigger and better in terms of skill and success as a writer and speaker. As for personal gains, my work has given me great exposure to a number of topics, diverse subjects and ideologies I would have never learnt otherwise. Also, it has given me a chance to come across people from all works of life and learn a lot from everyone, and there is this added plus point of making great networks especially after working at the OCH.

Q. How has your experience been with Pakistani Lady Bloggers community?

I have been a part of PLB for around 3 years now and I absolutely love it. Filled with great lady bloggers who know how to lift up one another, this platform has motivated me more to trust my abilities and explore my writing capabilities more. Also, its founder Mehreen has a heart of gold and is ever ready to help everyone.

The Pakistani blogosphere is increasing and improving at an escalating pace, and I love how it has opened new possibilities for both genders in the field of blogging. There are a few limitations still such as bloggers finding it hard to earn from blogging and naysayers demotivating bloggers to openly talk about what they want to. I think both the problems can be addressed better if we join hands to support one another and share our knowledge with another. For instance, if someone knows of a forum or a person who is looking for a good blogger, she/ he can share that information on a platform and invite other bloggers to be a part of.

Also, we need to accept each other as free humans with a right to voice our thoughts and be respectful of that. Together we can and we will make the Pakistani blogosphere and the country itself bigger and better.

Before I end, a big shout out to Mehreen for being her usual amazing and talented self for creating PLB and for making its website, and featuring me on it.

You rock woman!

Mehreen Farhan

Blogger. Technology Enthusiast. Community Builder. Book hoarder. #TeamWordpress. Aspiring Moodler. 🚀

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