8 Things We All Do on WhatsApp

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Whatsapp the is most widely used messaging app. What makes it so much fun to use are the various features it has like last seen, blue ticks, status updates and now status stories. It is quite interactive, but with each of these features, comes a number of sneaky, smart ways we use it to keep in touch with people we know.

Here is a list of different Whatsapp activities we all do once in while. Are you also guilty as charged? Read on to find out more.

1. Stalk Status Messages

A person’s status message can give away more about their personal life than they anticipated. For example, your second cousin’s best friend’s sister probably got engaged because of the romantic quotes she put on her status message or that snobbish girl from your class probably broke up with her third boyfriend because she has sad emoticons for her status. Your friend from class fourth is probably pregnant for the tenth time because she updated,“Alhumdullilah”. Trust me on this, it takes real skill to decipher these status messages and aren’t you an expert!

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2. Stalk Status Stories

As if status messages alone weren’t enough, Whatsapp came with a whole new feature to satisfy the Sherlock in all of us. This time, instead, it goes both ways. You think you are the one following your chachu ki pardosan ki ajeeb si cousin, but she is the one stalking you back because you sneaky little thing, you’ve been following her status stories without knowing she’s the one who knows been snooping around. Who won?

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3. Go Through “Dp”s

Admit it, you’re guilty of this too. You open your Whatsapp and scroll down your list just to see who’s updated his or her “dp”. Ah, the stalker in us!

4. Last Seen Stalking

Whatsapp has such fun filled stalking features for all of us! No wonder it’s so widely used! You might be sitting annoyed with your phupo ki beti who was online a minute ago because her Last Seen shows her so; she didn’t reply to your message which you sent her two days ago. What’s more? The blue ticks have appeared and that is just the last straw! The witch!

5. Last-Seen-Turned-Off People

But then, there is a group of (weird) people who have denied us the pleasure of stalking them by turning off their Last Seen notifications. Can you see how absolutely boring you people are!?

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6. “Iss message ko itne logon ko forward karain WARNAAAA” syndrome

And then once in a while, you will get a threatening message that needs to be forwarded to 50 something people else you will suffer unimaginable consequences which even you are not sure of, so you just forward that message anyway. To be safe.

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7. Or Whatsapp Going Crazy On You!

…by choosing to suspend service because Mark Zuckerberg not only just bought Whatsapp (apparently for the 23rd time) but also for some narcissist, selfish reason, decided charge you for this blessing called Whatsapp. Why would he do that? No one knows. May be he is just a spoiled rich boy.

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8. The Uncle Syndrome

For days when you feel like a retired old uncle, you would rather send long videos full of meaningful advice or something sweet. Sure, it’s for the benefit of your audience alone, but why would you send ten videos daily? Why???

Let’s be honest, we all are guilty of at least some of these. But whatever we do, Whatsapp is a great app because of all these fun (stalking) activities we get on it as well as keeping in touch with old friends and ex-es! LOL!

Which of the above are you guilty of? 😉

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