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Mehreen Farhan, admin and founder of PLB.


Hey there! We are so pleased to know that you are interested in knowing more about the Pakistani Lady Bloggers initiative. We are a thriving Facebook community of Pakistani female bloggers and this is our community website. It will give you a sneak peek into some of the activities of our community.

Pakistani Lady Bloggers (PLB) group was created in August, 2017 resulting from lack of a similar place exclusively for our women. Pakistan has many excellent blogging and freelancing groups, yet none of them seemed to serve the purpose of catering the learning needs of female bloggers. While Pakistan has some brilliant bloggers, many women feel challenged by the whole idea of starting a blog, maintaining and growing it, and then eventually bringing it to a point where it can be monetized. PLB has taken up the cause of selflessly guiding all such new bloggers and helping them to build their own blogging network too.

Pakistani Lady Bloggers is lead by Mehreen Farhan, software engineer by majors and quality test engineer by profession, is the one who came up with this idea of having a special place for bloggers. Her love for writing, and blogging specifically, makes PLB what it is today. She aims to mentor budding bloggers and to help them find confidence in their own voice.

PLB had its first informal bloggers meetup in April 2018 which was more of an orientation meetup, co-hosted with bloggers Sehrish Azhar and Nisa Anwaar.

First bloggers’ meetup in Lahore, for Pakistani Lady Bloggers community, in 2018.

Please take the time to look around the website to know more about what PLB is all about. Check out our group updates to see what’s new and happening with our bloggers, see the services we offer or send us a feedback by contacting us.

Happy Blogging! :)

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Our Mission:

At PLB, we aim to promote our core values: share, network & grow. We house some of the very talented bloggers from all over Pakistan, especially aspiring bloggers. One of our goals is to enable them to learn more about how the whole blogging-thing works and create networking options for them. We encourage them to collaborate with each other, building a stronger, wider network of blogs. Want to learn more? Know more about the PLB mission here.

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Our Mission

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We’d love to have you in PLB! PLB is a welcoming community for all female bloggers from Pakistan. But wait, you don’t have to be a blogger to join PLB; we value readers. If you are a reader who loves reading blogs, you will find many noteworthy blogs in PLB. To get started, send us a join request at:

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