Pakistani Lady Bloggers is a community website for our Facebook group Pakistani Lady Bloggers (Women Only).

It is a place that is dedicated exclusively for the female bloggers of Pakistan. Many women join this group because they want to learn about either starting their blogs or getting better at it. The purpose of this community website is to have such basic information in an easy to access, easy to understand manner. For this purpose, we seek content that is useful for an average blogger.

This is a volunteer work at the moment. All bloggers who will contribute to this website will be featured on the Authors page.


Some of the topics we seek to cover on this website are:

  1. Blogger tutorials
  2. WordPress tutorials (free and paid)
  3. Blogging best practices
  4. Blog monetization
  5. Social media tips and advice

Please keep in mind that since there is a huge amount of how-to’s and tutorials already on the internet, we will publish only relevant articles on this website.

Apply here:

Please use the contact form below to apply as an author on this website.

**Only blog/website owners can apply. Use the Message field to fully explain topics on which you can easily write as well as the topics you wish to add to this website.

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  • The owner of this website and linked Facebook community do not benefit in any way from this whole effort except for the benefits one gets by being part of a community, i.e., networking.
  • There are no ads running on this website, other than the ones run by WordPress itself, all of whose profit goes to WordPress, not us.