This article consists of a round up of online as well as locally organized eLearning options for Pakistani women.


In recent years, the global landscape of education has witnessed a transformative shift towards digital platforms, and Pakistan is no exception. One of the most promising aspects of this digital evolution is the introduction of eLearning, which has the potential to significantly empower Pakistani women by providing them with access to quality education, overcoming traditional barriers, and fostering lifelong learning. E-learning presents a powerful tool for empowerment, enabling women to enhance their skills, pursue higher education, and contribute meaningfully to society. This article explores different eLearning and locally organized eLearning options for Pakistani women.

Flexible eLearning Options for Pakistani Women

E-learning provides flexibility, allowing women to balance their education with familial and professional responsibilities. Creating e-learning options for Pakistani women with a focus on flexibility is a commendable initiative. Imagine riding a virtual unicorn through the vast realm of online courses. From coding to cooking, and from literature to laser-focused makeup tutorials – the internet is your enchanted kingdom. Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy and Khan Academy offer a plethora of courses, from language skills to advanced degrees, accommodating various schedule. So, why not become the queen of your own digital castle?

LinkedIn – Not Just for Stalking That Cute Colleague

LinkedIn is indeed a versatile platform that goes beyond professional networking and job searching. It offers various features and opportunities for personal and professional development, including e-learning. LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of courses, both paid and free, covering various topics such as business, technology, creative skills, and more. One can get all the information about LinkedIn through visiting the LinkedIn Learning website directly. LinkedIn Learning operates on a subscription model where users pay a monthly fee to access the entire library of courses. LinkedIn Learning often offers a free trial period, allowing users to explore the platform and its courses before committing to a subscription.

YouTube University

Pakistani women, like anyone else, can leverage YouTube for e-learning in various ways. Utilize YouTube for language learning. There are numerous channels dedicated to teaching different languages. Find a channel that suits your learning style and goals. Many educators and institutions upload free tutorials and lectures on YouTube. Look for channels that offer quality content in your field of interest. Whether it’s coding, graphic design, or any other skill, YouTube has tutorials for almost everything.

Social Media Scholarships – Because #EducationGoals

Did you know there are scholarships hiding in the depths of social media? Follow educational organizations, keep an eye on hashtags like #ScholarshipAlert you might get a scholarship from there. Websites like, Fastweb, or Chevening may have information on scholarships that support e-learning or education for women in Pakistan. You can also follow organizations and individuals in the education sector for updates. Some international organizations may also have programs aimed at supporting education for women in developing countries. Check with organizations like UNESCO, UN Women, or others.

Accessible Higher Education

Promoting accessible higher education through e-learning for Pakistani women is a commendable initiative that can contribute significantly to women’s empowerment and societal development. Universities worldwide offer online degree programs, enabling Pakistani women to pursue higher education without geographical constraints. Platforms like Open University and Virtual University in Pakistan provide accredited online degrees. Improving e-learning for Pakistani women involves addressing various challenges related to access, cultural considerations, and technology.

Local Initiatives for Up-skilling Pakistani Women


WomenInTechPK is a community-driven initiative that aims to connect, support, and empower women in the technology sector in Pakistan. They organize events, workshops, and mentorship programs to facilitate skill development and networking, thereby facilitating continued learning using various elearning options for Pakistani women.

TechJuice Women

TechJuice Women is an extension of TechJuice, a Pakistani technology news website. The Women section specifically focuses on women in technology, highlighting their achievements, covering their stories, and promoting opportunities for skill development.


CodeGirls, it’s worth noting that CodeGirls is a coding boot camp in Pakistan designed for women. It provides training in software development and programming to empower women to pursue careers in technology.

PWiC – Pakistan Women in Computing

PWiC is a community-driven initiative that aims to support and increase the representation of women in computing fields in Pakistan. They organize events, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities to foster a supportive environment for women in technology.

CIRCLE Women Association

A non-profit organization with a focus on technology, CIRCLE Women Association aims to empower one million women in Pakistan. Through financial inclusion, digital literacy, and entrepreneurial skills, women will be empowered to become agents of economic change.


Intentional up-skilling of Pakistani women not only empowers individuals but also catalyzes societal advancement by building a more inclusive and dynamic workforce that greatly contributes to the nation’s economic and social development. By investing in elearning options for Pakistani women, we are actually investing in women’s education and skill development. In other words, Pakistan not only realizes the full potential of half its people, but also lays the groundwork for a more equal and successful future.

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