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Mehreen Farhan

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As a small business owner, or a blogger, we like to invest in a good quality logo. A logo should convey what the business is about, as well as should have a special touch that conveys your personal touch as well. In this post, we will make our own Canva logo.

Canva has made it very easy to create your own customized logos, even if you are someone who is not well versed with basic designing skills.

Let us design a logo for a coffee brewing business using Canva. Follow the steps to create your own branding logo

Step 1- Go to and login. If you haven’t signed up already, use this link: Sign up to Canva.

Step 2- When you are signed in, select the option ‘Logo’ under the section ‘What will you design?’

Canva logo maker
Select ‘Logo’ option

Step 3- The Canva Logo maker will open in a new window. You can either make a new logo from scratch, or use an existing template to tweak and re-use. We will go with the second option.

Canva logo maker
The Canva Logo maker interface

Step 4- Select any design that you think is closer to the logo design you have in mind, or which seems interesting.

Canva logo maker

Step 5- Let’s start by adjusting the text. I have selected another design which is more suited to my needs.

Canva logo maker: adjusting text

Step 6- Now I will tweak the graphic, since the graphic with this template is a premium element. Premium elements can be used only if they are bought. Canva gives us the option to buy individual elements if we do not want to opt for complete Canva Premium package.

For this tutorial, we will be using all free elements.

Canva logo maker
Canva logo maker: tweaking illustration

Step 7- Now is the time to extract our logo design.

Canva logo maker
Canva logo maker: downloading your canva logo

Removing the background from Canva Logo

The option to make background transparent is available only on the Canva Premium account.

So in order to make our logo background transparent, we will use another website which offers this option free.

Step 8: Open the URL Go to File > Open and open your downloaded logo image file.

Step 9: Select the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar on the left side, click on the background area in your logo image and press DEL (delete) button on your keyboard. Your image will look like this:

Online photoshop

Step 10: Using the magnifying tools, zoom into the image and repeat Step 9 where background still needs to be selected and removed.

Use the Hand Tool to move around a zoomed-in image.

Online photoshop

Step 11: If you wish to remove any extra blank space from around the image, then go to Image > Canvas Size. This opens a dialog box using which you can increase/decrease the canvas area of your image.

When background has been removed from all places, it is time to export this image. Go to: File > Export As > PNG.

Remember to export in only PNG as it supports transparent backgrounds as well.


Your new logo is now complete!

Here it is:

Canva logo maker

If you found this article useful, consider sharing it with someone who needs to make a logo of their own.

If you have any questions while following any of the above steps, drop your queries in the comments section below and I will try my best to respond and help.

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