Mehreen Farhan

[Ramzan, 15] Welcome to Day 15 of the Ramzan Writing Series.

Today’s topic is “kufr”.

Kufr, in Sharia linguistics means to turn away from the commands of Allah and His Deen.

Kufr, in Arabic, means to hide or conceal something. A farmer is sometimes called kaafir in Arabic because he sows (hides) seed in soil for it to grow, the seed being “hidden” in earth for this purpose.

Every soul is created on “tauheed” (oneness of Allah in all His Attributes). So when someone denies tawheed, or Allah’s existence or His commands, he “conceals” the truth and commits kufr.

Kufr not only means denial, but denial that stems only from jealousy, the drive to follow his or own desires and whims, and the arrogance to correct ourselves according to the Deen.

Allah is the Creator of mankind who created man from nothing and showered him with all sorts of blessings. He alone is worthy of being worshipped. This is Haq! The truth! Man does kufr when he conceals this haq through disbelief. He is concealing what’s true, clear and evident.

Going against even one command of Allah is like doing kufr of that ayat (in which the command was revealed) which is equivalent to doing kufr of the entire quran.

Kufr is when you say a certain command of Allah is for example, outdated, not relevant in today’s age and time or does not make sense to you na’uzubillah etc.

If a person does not follow a certain command of Allah but feels shame and guilt over it and asks for Allah’s forgiveness over it, is not a kaafir, because Allah’s Mercy is near.

Let’s sit and ponder over ourselves. What more thoughts can you add to this list? And let’s also talk about Allah’s Mercy and forgiveness despite our heedless behavior.

Add your thoughts too.
Happy Writing!

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