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Mehreen Farhan

A lonely city this is. I watch the sun go down with my deep brown eyes. It gives off shadows that spread like dark winged angels on my city that shines as a diamond by the radiant sun. I watch. The tall buildings. I think of the people living in each of them. People with budding hearts, hearts the beat, hearts that resonate with love. One of those hearts belong to me, that darling, silent, unknown heart that I have known for all time.

A lonely city this is. I watch scores and scores of people, and yet, sometimes it seems like a barren, deserted place. A lonely car I see far off, headed towards an unknown destination. An unknown journey. Take me with you, silent rider, and may be in the midst of not knowing, I’ll strip off the last layer of camouflage that suffocates my skin, bare myself to you, in the hopes that you will know me for all my ugliness, for all my weaknesses, for all my sorrow.

A lonely city this is. Let’s leave its quiet loneliness behind and drive away to our new mysterious stopping point. I want to lose my silence in yours. Tell me all your sorrows and may be, just may be, you can be convinced that I am what your dying heart needs. Your faint heart beat needs two warm hands to hold it and keep it from fading. Let those hands be mine. Then may be, you won’t have to leave my lonely city by nightfall like this. May be , the loneliness won’t intimidate you any longer, and may be you’ll stay. For me.

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