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Mehreen Farhan

I was just a ghost in the house. I had been haunting the tenants for only two weeks now. No one has felt my presence this early in the haunting session. Except her.

She was a shipwreck. And all for a man who wouldn’t ever look at her the way someone else would have. The classic case of he-didn’t-realize-your-worth-my-dear. Love was why she held on even when it didn’t make sense, and then one day, her heart stopped beating for him at all. It followed new rhythms now, and she emitted new vibes. I can tell all that from the vibrations she gives off. I smelt change; and that she was still adjusting to it. She felt stronger to me. No more a shipwreck but not too good either. I admit there were times when I got scared of her, what a shame for a ghost who had been a nightmare horror to the most horrible of men. I got scared when on those rare occasions I went into a dream like trance (our substitute for sleep), her vibrations synced with mine and she could feel my presence just as she would of any living human. I always jolted out of my sleep like state when her pulse and vibes raced to an alarming speed out sheer terror of knowing someone of the likes of me was accompanying her. At such times, the human’s vibes hit us hard and the sound is almost maddening. An alert system for us ghosts goes off which only we can hear; its sole purpose is to keep us hidden in some way.

Personally I doubt that, humans are far too clever. As for us, my poor kind has trouble remembering even our identity from back when we were living. We are devoid of emotion so that explains why we so heartlessly scare the wits out of these poor humans. But this shipwrecked girl is different. There is something so beautiful about the way her heart beats. She’s the soft kind, I can tell that by the soft way she breathes, moves about and the way her heart breaks every time she remembers her guy. I can sense strong will and something precious in her. And with my limited ability to see into near future, I can tell her heart is going to heal very soon. So my haunting can wait till then, which will not be effective anyway till the time she is back into her worldly world of whatever humans have made their world of. She needs to be disconnected from my world in order to get a shock. Ha ha! Wicked I am. See? Heartless too. But this shipwreck-faced girl just stole my ghostly heart away.

Not that I have feelings to spare anyway, no harm done, ha ha, ha!

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