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Mehreen Farhan

I had a major PMS meltdown the other day 😑

So I was cramping and it was really bad. We were on our way to main market to pick a frame. Husband parks the car, he runs to the frame wala and I run to Jalal Sons, find a lady, “where are sanitary pads?” She tells me. “And where are chocolates?” The urgency in my tone makes her laugh. She directs me to the chocolates. I grab both items and go to the ladies line.

The guy takes forever to bill the lady in front of me, giving every guy around a full fledged view of my Always pack. (I feel paranoid buying my own pads because log kya kahenge! 😂) so in those ten minutes while every guy probably knows by now that I’m on my period, I become very angry (I know they were hormones! Pakka!)

After billing, I march out, seething and find my husband waiting outside.

“Where’s the frame?” I ask.

“They haven’t started framing the picture yet,” he answers coolly as he puts “channay” in his mouth bought from a boy selling in the next street.


He takes a look at me and is alarmed. “I don’t know, let’s just wait. He says he will do it right now.”

“Take me to him and I’ll give him a piece of my mind!” I say, thinking why men are so useless!

“No I have already scolded him,” my husband tries to save the poor guy.

“YOU ALWAYS DO THIS! You scold everyone yourself, you never let me scold ANYONE!” I complain, and half way through the sentence, I laugh at my own absurdity. He holds back a laugh too. “TAKE ME TO HIM!”

So, dutifully he takes me to him. I go and give him a piece of my mind for wasting my time, when deep down I know I’m just angry on aadmi-zaat for ogling at my Always pack while PERIODS IS THE NATURAL-EST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!! (Wait, was that even a word??)

After a five minute session of “sorry baji, sorry baji”, I open a Mars chocolate to keep myself busy while the guy hurriedly assembles our frame.

Halfway through the chocolate, I realize I am suddenly in a very happy mood, quite convinced that the anger was because of my progesterone levels probably crashing down and my period coming any minute now.

Poor guy, I felt bad. Had my husband say achi achi baatien to him, thanked him for the lovely frame he made in 15 minutes (and obviously wasted 48 hours!).

Anyone has PMS meltdown story to share?


P.S. I just ordered a pizza, figured Pizza Hut doesn’t deliver at my place, so I asked my husband to hand me the phone. Lemme talk to them. He didn’t give me the phone. I wonder why! 👻

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