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Mehreen Farhan

[Ramzan, 6] Welcome to Day 6 of Ramzan Series 2019.
Today’s topic is “shafaat” on the day of judgement.
Shafaat is an Arabic word which loosely translates to “intercession”.
In Islamic context, shafaat is the act of pleading to Allah by an intimate friend of Allah (e.g. His beloved messengers, or saints اولیاء)
Recently, us Muslims have been a victim of a strange misconception. Through various twisting of Islamic beliefs, we have been told that we are the best people because we are the Ummati of the last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). And since we are the unmati of Allah’s most beloved messenger, none of us will taste hellfire. We are so special! Our prophet will intercede on our behalf and just like that, we will be in jannah.
Did Allah made any such promise to you in the Quran?
Did the Prophet (pease be upon him)’s hadees mentions this?
Why do you think you will be given a red carpet treatment to jannah?
What did you do to earn it? Being an Ummati by birth is hardly an accomplishment. You just happened to be super lucky to be born in a Muslim household, given a Muslim name, and taught some rituals.
The price of jannah is very high.
It is a gift not easily given.
It is an invite-only to the super elite club of “muttaqeen” and “mohsineen”.
You don’t just end up there just because you are you.
No. You gotta earn it. Sweat for it.
No pain no gain, remember?
Allah says in the Quran,
“…who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission?…” (Surah Baqarah, 2: 255.)
Yes, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will have the right is shafaat, but he will give shafaat for only those that Allah wills. In other words, the Prophet himself has no control over who he gives shafaat to, except for the ones that Allah enables him to give shafaat for.
It is important to mention here that the Jews and Christians were filled with false desires. Each considered themselves as the deserving one of jannah. The Jews thought of themselves as very special; the chosen ones. They even went on to assume that even if they ended up in hell, they will only stay there for not more than a couple of days.
Now think about this: are we thinking any differently from them?
It’s a moment of alarm.
Please correct your thinking in this grave matter and correct others too. Allah says in Surah Baqarah,
“And they say: None shall enter the garden (or paradise) except he who is a Jew or a Christian. These are their vain desires. Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful. Yes! Whoever submits himself entirely to Allah and he is the doer of good (to others) he has his reward from his Lord, and there is no fear for him nor shall he grieve.” (Surah Baqarah, 2:111 & 112)
Jannah requires hard work and dedication.
May Allah make us of those who always keep a check on their false assumptions. May Allah give us the clarity of deen in such a way that we may be able to differentiate right from wrong. May Allah make us those people who bring others to the right path also.
Lastly, may Allah make us one of those lucky people who earn the shafaat of the Prophet or His good men.
Ameen sum ameen, ya Rabb ul aalameen.

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