Mehreen Farhan

[Ramzan, 1] As promised, here is Ramzan’s first writing prompt. As we step into this blessed month and feel the blessings being showered already, let’s talk about the biggest lesson that this month offers: “holding back”.

I woke up today and instinctively reached out for the water bottle till my mind told me to stop and reminded me that I was fasting.

The spirit of fasting is not only related to stopping yourself from eating or drinking. It is a disciplinary form of ibaadah where Allah teaches us the patience to stay away from what He calls in the Quran as “hadoodul Allah” (حدود اللَّہ) Practicing this for thirty days in row, one forms a preliminary form of mental discipline and the physical capacity to tell your body when to stop.

There are many aspects in Islam that we find difficulty follow, like perhaps, giving money to the needy, or praying five times a day, to control yourself in anger, to offer the five mandatory prayers, to perhaps wear hijab, anything. Each of us will face some difficulty in following one or more aspects, because this is how Allah tests us. The mercy of Allah is that if He tests us, he gives us the tools to help us too.

So ladies, today’s writing prompt is “the art of holding back”. Ramzan teaches us the art. Share anything regarding this generally or from experience.

May Allah accept all your ibaadaat.


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