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Mehreen Farhan

Q: Please tell us something about yourself.

My name is Zeenat. Professionally, I work at Ghandhara Nissan Limited as R&D engineer. I have completed my bachelors from NEDUET.I have formed two startups as well, namely The Masters and Digiwrite. Additionally, I am pursuing my MBA and have obtained a few international certifications.

Q: What made you turn towards entrepreneurship?

I guess, I have always been into entrepreneurship. I started freelancing when I was in college. Gradually, I explored and learned the intricate procedures involved in freelancing and got more interested in it. By the time I was doing my bachelors, I had made multiple clients. Hence, I formed my startup after graduation.

Q: Please tell us about your start up.

To start off, The Masters was the first venture that I had started.  During my undergraduate program, I had tried to form a team of fellow students who had different skills. As students, it was a sort of pocket-money for us as we were getting paid for something that we were passionate about. After graduation, few of my batch mates got married off while few had got employed. An idea actually came to my mind to utilize the skills of those fellows who have been married off or are jobless. Hence, I formed The Masters in late 2015 to help such skilled people earn money from home.

In late 2017, I had formed another startup as Digiwrite because I wanted to help people with my extensive knowledge. Plus, I have been among the pioneers of introducing freelancing in Pakistan. I am happy to have created a community where newbie freelancers can talk about their concerns and learn from the experts. Also, I have conducted a few sessions  in institutes where I focus on freelancing entrepreneurship and others. Basically, Digiwrite aims to provide sessions on career counseling and corporate trainings.

Q: What’s your latest project about?

Currently, I am working on an e-commerce site that aims to empower women, particularly. It shall be launched soon.

Q: As a female entrepreneur, what were the main hurdles you faced on the way?

A lot, actually! I don’t know how to actually define it as the dilemma cannot be put into words. Nevertheless, to sum it up, the journey has been tough. Society is indeed cruel and females are often made the victims. But what people do not realize is the fact that THIS actually crushes their self esteem . I would also like to say that there are good people in the world, as well. So, as a female entrepreneur, I had to be smart enough to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Q: What advice, suggestions or motivation would you impart on other women who want to pursue entrepreneurship?

I think my advice to everyone is “Go for it”, as I believe that if we put our mind to it, we can surely achieve what we aim for. I wish all the best to each of the budding female entrepreneur and hope that as a mentor, I can contribute in a few.

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