Mehreen Farhan

[Ramzan, 3] Welcome to Day 3 of the Ramzan Writing Series.

In Surah Baqarah, Allah SWT mentions the believes as the people who, when they hear any command from Allah, say, “we hear and we follow”.

The beauty of this mention of the believers is that the way they submit to their Allah is that there is no delay between hearing a commandment and acting upon it. They do not take time to ponder over whether and how they can act upon it, for them, it is enough that a command has been sent and now they will act upon it, starting instantly. Allah loves those who bow before Him without any thought, any delay.

For example, you ask your child for a glass of water, but your child gets up at the tenth time you ask him. Whereas, another child gets up for that glass of water the first time you ask him. Who will you feel more love for in this?

Today, let’s sit and reflect how quick are we in following Allah’s commands. Is there any command we are delaying because we are thinking over them a lot? Are we delaying it because we are confused of its “khair” for us? If not then why are we delaying it?

In today’s writing prompt, let’s talk about this beautiful form of submission, about how much it can endear us to Allah and make us eligible to earn His “razaa”.

This Ramzan, let’s ask Allah to give us the “taufeeq” and the heart that submits to Him without delay, the ones who bow down with humility in front of Him and the ones He is pleased with.


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