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Mehreen Farhan

Blogging is the new trend where people who love to share ideas can promote a cause, jot down their own thoughts or simply write for the fun of it. Among so many blogging options, the most popular CMS based blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. While both of these platforms serve more or less the same features, there are some intrinsic difference in Blogger and WordPress which can help us decide to choose either one of them.

Blogger is a great blogging option as it is completely free of cost and you are able to monetize it also! Great combo isn’t it? Let’s dig more into what this Google owned blogging giant offers a potential user.

– Free Hosting:

Blogger by Google is completely free! Yes, as cheap as zero! All blogs on Blogger are hosted by Google and are free to use. There are no subscription fee, hidden fee of any kind. It is a great way to start if you don’t want to invest money just yet into your new blogging venture.

– Custom Domains:

Blogger allows you to point your blog to a custom domain. By default, all Blogger blogs (also called ‘blogspot’) have their URLs appended by If you want to shift to a custom domain, you need to buy a domain and simply point your blog to it. One good company for buying domain is GoDaddy, with approximately $12 per year for a .com domain name.

Bottom line: you pay for the domain name to the domain listing company but at zero cost demanded by Blogger.

– Ease Of Use:

Blogger offers only limited features for a blogger with little flexibility. This is useful in case you are not familiar with the technical side of your blog, or in case you want to simply focus on your writing side without any technical issues to distract you. Even though there are limitations, Blogger efficiently covers all main features required for a fully functional blog.

On the other hand, there is little to no support available online for Blogger blogs. But this is not a disadvantage as such because a Blogger blog is very simple and straight forward. An end user can easily grasp it and start blogging soon after a short hit and trial.

– Customization Options:

Design for a Blogger blog is limited with only a handful of themes available. All of these are free and can be moderately customized. Using some well thought of detailing, you can still make the most of them and make your blog look appealing. You can also have a custom Blogger theme designed and the price will vary according to the design. There is drag-and-drop option available to customize the layout (structure) of a blog.

– Making Money:

Blogger is free, but it can be monetized. Isn’t this awesome? Blogger blogs work like a charm with Google Adsense. Once your Adsense application is approved, you are ready to display ads on your Blogger blog and start earning. Other than Adsense, you can use almost all kinds of blog monetizing options provided they do not conflict with Blogger’s terms and conditions or doesn’t land you in a spammer’s list.

Just a word of caution, do not expect to start earning right away. It is often a long and tedious journey till your blog starts incurring you a decent income.

– Managed Security:

Since Blogger is owned by Google, it is secured by it too. This makes it a hassle free option if you are not familiar with code and technical details. Website security is something that requires a certain level of expertise on the technical side, so having someone handle it seamlessly for you is a blessing.

Blogger is a nice place to start your adventure. It can help you discover what it’s all about. It’s got all the basics covered and it’s very straightforward and easy to use. If you are new to blogging and are still a learner, then Blogger is a good choice. It will allow you to focus on the blogging side while not being distracted by other technical details and upkeep of a blog. Even though Blogger features are limited, it should not discourage you from blogging using Blogger because it covers all features needed to start a professional blog. Blogging experience with Blogger will prove fruitful.

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