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[Ramzan, 26] Ramzan series: Layatul Qadr Special!

Tonight is 27th Ramzan, a date commonly taken as laylatul qadr by most mufassireen and aalim. Special prayers and duas are prepared for this blessed night in order to earn mercy and forgiveness from Allah.

Here are some suggestions by us to help you have a more spiritual experience tonight. Share this list ahead for others to also benefit from it, using the public link shared at the end of this post.

1. Start by glorifying Allah. Invoke His Mercy by calling Him by His Asmaa-ul-Husna.

2. Thank Allah for the countless blessings He has bestowed on us. Allah loves gratitude.

3. Send salutations and darood on Prophet Muhammad (sallalaaho elehe waa aalihi wassallam).

4. Have iftaar with family. At the time of iftaar, make dua to Allah to give you the energy and the ‘tawfeeq’ to do maximum ibaadat on this night (27th Ramzan, Laylatul Qadr).

5. Offer taraweeh with family if that is an option for you. If it is diffcult and not something impossible, try to accommodate your schedule only for this night.

6. Make this special dua tonight which is a wonderful dua to make on laylatul qadr:
Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, said: I asked the Messenger of Allah: ‘O Messenger of Allah, if I know what night is the night of Qadr, what should I say during it?’ He said: ‘Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.’ “(Ahmad, Ibn Majah, and Tirmidhi).

7. Spend time reciting Quran tonight. You can pick out the smaller surahs or the ones close to your heart and recite them with an intention to earn Allah’s Mercy.

8. Take time to reflect on the meaning of a favorite surah from the Quran. Take out your tafseer book and dedicate some time to reflect on the meaning of that surah and how you can apply its lesson in your life.

9. Make a list of your blessings. Chances are you will run out of space to write. Still do it. It will make you feel genuinely thankful.

10. Reflect on the life of Prophet Muhammad (sallalaaho elehe waa aalihi wassallam). Appreciate the beauty of his character so much so that Allah has declared his character as aswaatul husna.

11. Take time to tell your child about one sunnah of the Prophet (sallalaaho elehe waa aalihi wassallam) tonight. Make neeyat and dua to Allah that you are doing so only to earn His Razaa.

12. Reflect on your shortcomings. Are there areas in your personality that need improvement? Write it in a place private to you and make a decision to improve on them this coming year, in shaa Allah.

13. When you have made a list of your short comings (from point 12), take a moment to thank Allah how He has covered your shortcomings and has given you a place of dignity in front of people despite the flaws.

14. Tonight is a night of forgiveness. Make sure all the efforts you make, you constantly ask for forgiveness and mercy in the back of your minds.

15. Every family has rifts and misunderstandings. Put your ego aside and call them tonight. If it is difficult to do so, remind yourself that you are doing it for the sake of Allah.

16. If relations between you and that certain family member mends tonight, thank Allah for this blessing.

17. Forgive those who have done you wrong. If forgiveness comes with difficulty, tell yourself one day you will be standing in front of Allah hoping for forgiveness too. Forgive people today so that you may also be forgiven.

18. Observe tahaarat (purity and cleanliness) tonight before you intend to pray.

19. When you stand up to pray, observe ‘khushoo’. Remind yourself that you are standing before the King of kings.

20. Be humble when you stand in front of Allah. You are standing in front of the King of the heavens and the earth. Ask Him for all your needs.

21. If your physical condition allows you, increase the duration of your ruku and sajda. In both these states, ask Allah for forgiveness. Sajda is the closest point we can get to Allah, make use of this opportunity.

22. Make a long, sincere dua to Allah. Take out time just for Him. Sit in front of Him and talk to Him with deep soulful conversations. Lighten your heart in front of Him.

23. Increase yourself in zikr and do as much as you can. Some of the recommended tasbeeh are
– Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annee
– Subhanallah
– Alhamdulillah
– Allahu Akbar
– Laa ilaha ilallah
– Astaghfirullah

24. This night, ask Allah to increase you in patience. Patience is an acquired skill and you need practice for it. If someone is trying your patience, thank Allah for this opportunity to practice this skill.

25. Ask for a heart that is grateful. Allah has promised to increase us in all that we desire, only if we remain grateful.

26. Make a list of all the things or people or situations that try your patience or make you angry. Make a mental note that next time such a thing arises, you will display better patience by the help of Allah.

27. Are there any commands of Allah that we feel are hard for us to follow? Write them down with an intention to work on them this coming year. Keep this list somwhere you will see it often.

28. Make neeyat of sadqa tonight, however small the amount may be. Ask Allah to accept your neeyat of goodness through it.

29. If you intend to send charity tonight to someone less fortunate, make sure it is a thing you would choose for your own self too. Do not send things that are old or discarded. Tell yourself you are giving this in fact to Allah. Give the best you can.

30. Pass by people and children with a smile on your way to the masjid or anywhere else. A smile is also a sadqa, as per a hadith.

31. Spend some time with your parents tonight and thank them genuinely for the sacirfices they have made for you. If they live far, call them.

32. While doing all this in these precious, limited hours of laylatul qadr, don’t forget to keep asking for forgiveness and send darood on Prophet Muhammad (sallalaaho elehe waa aalihi wassallam).

33. Make a special dua asking Allah to save you from hellfire and to grant you jannah. As per a hadith, when a Muslim asks jannah for himself and asks to be saved from the hellfire, then jannah and hellfire wish the same for that person too and plea to Allah for him.

34. The main crux of this night is the dua for oneself and those that he loves. Spend ample time talking to Allah, asking for forgiveness and hasanah.

35. In the end, thank Allah for giving you the chance of seeing another Ramzan and the ‘tawfeeq’ to be able to pray on this blessed night.

36. Ask Allah that you may be able to see the next Ramzan with all your loved ones so you make get another opportunity to earn Allah’s Razaa.

37. As Ramzan is coming to a closure in a few short days, make a list of all the amazing new initiatives you started this month like, reading Quran, reflecting on it, being patient, giving charity, helping others. Analyze which ones you can take forward in the long term. Ask Allah to help you continue.

38. Ramzan taught you the art of holding back: from food and drink in the phyical manner, but also from anger, from being impatient, from being impulsive in our reactions. Ask Allah to help you inculcate this lesson in a life long fashion.

39. Accommodating others can be in many ways like going out of your way to help others, controlling your anger, to be silent in a fight even when you are right, to help your mother in the kitchen even when you are hungry and thirsty, guiding someone online for nothing in return. It could be anything. Ask Allah to help you continue this beautiful lesson that Ramzan has taught you this year.

40. Ask Allah to help you say “Samaenaa waa ataa’na” (meaning: “We hear and we follow”) in all matters of religion. This is one of the most beloved traits of a Muslim that Allah has mentioned again and again in the Quran.

41. Ask Allah to help you develop a life long ‘taqwa’. Taqwa means God fearing, forbearance and abstinence. Only taqwa will help us get to jannah.

42. When making dua for yourself and those around you, don’t forget to make dua for those that have passed on. Ask Allah for their forgiveness and easy questioning.

43. When giving charity tonight, consider adding a small portion on behalf of a loved one dearly departed. Have hope that Allah accepts it for them and give them the “eesaal e sawaab” for it.

44. Since we are in the age of social media, be mindful of what you share ahead. Consider that whatever you share has the power of influencing someone in any way. So be mindful.

45. Tonight, on this blessed night of laylatul qadr, make a pledge in front of Allah that you will try and follow ehsaan in every matter. “Ehsaan” means to do more than what was needful. To go over and above the bare minimum and try to make that extra effort.

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