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I am a new blogger and I want to start earning from my blog. Which one is better, blogspot or WordPress? Which one is free? I am ready to work hard but can’t afford risk.


Here are some quick bullets to get a new blogger started. Google up for further details.

Blogspot is free

1 . Blogger’s blogspot is a free blog. It supports Adsense. It has some limited scalability as compared to WordPress. You can use a custom domain with blogpost, but the blog hosting remains under the control of google: that means that if for whatever reason Blogspot is shut down or their terms changes, you cannot do otherwise.

WordPress free and paid

2. WordPress comes in two forms. Free WordPress (.com) and self hosted WordPress (.org)

3. Free WordPress is free as long as you do not opt for some paid services on it.

4. You cannot use Adsense on a free WordPress, or any monetization options for that matter as free WordPress restricts the use of third party code on their blogs. This is because a free WordPress blog is owned by WordPress completely.

Ownership of free and paid platforms

5. Having a self hosted WordPress blog (.org) is a good idea only if you are technically competent enough to use it. It comes with its fair share of work and maintenance, which can become tiresome if all you want is to focus on content building.

6. Free blogging platforms are good in the sense that they take the burden of so many tasks off your shoulders and help you focus just on your content.

7. The possibilities with a self hosted blog are many. You can use practically all sorts of code with it. WordPress does not own this blog. It’s owned completely by you. (Keep in mind to have all the renewals paid in time).

Free or paid? Our recommendation

8. For starters, we recommend starting with a free blog and not to jump on a self hosted website option.

9. If you have a blogspot blog, it can easily be migrated to a WordPress blog whenever you want. Vice versa is also true.

Blog monetization requires persistence

10. Lastly and most importantly, do not expect to start earning overnight with a blog. It takes a lot of hard work and sweat, no matter which platform you use or which service. Internet is a tough place for competition so don’t expect instant returns. Needless to say, don’t be discouraged because hard work always pays off; sooner or later.

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