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Mehreen Farhan

Hello there!

I’m Mehreen Farhan, the founder and owner of Pakistani Lady Bloggers (PLB). I’m so glad you found your way to our community website.

Mehreen Farhan, Admin/Founder, Pakistani Lady Bloggers Facebook community

I’m a software engineer from PUCIT, Lahore. I have professional experience in software quality assurance engineering from a renowned private software house in Lahore. I took a break from my IT career when I moved outside Pakistan with my husband seven years ago. I have had the chance to live in a progressive state like Oman and also in a semi-rural, but completely astounding country like Iraq. My travels and new life experiences nudged me to pick up blogging once again.

I have always been someone who has loved to write for as long as I could remember. I initially started blogging when Blogspot was still quite a new concept, and I was one of the first few people to sign up for Adsense when it was first launched in 2008. I was a hardcore, loyal user of Blogger (Blogspot) and experimented a lot with writing as well as the technical aspect.

Today, WordPress stands at the forefront where all blogging platforms are compared. I shifted to WordPress, and then eventually hosted WordPress. At PLB, I aim to provide ladies with such technical knowledge too.

At Pakistani Lady Bloggers (PLB), we aim to provide:

  • A place where blogs are welcome and read by others
  • A place where girls can get constructive feedback on their work
  • Getting to know other bloggers in your hometown, niche or vacinity
  • Creating bigger social networking circles
  • Technical know-how and guidance
  • Lots of inspiration and motivation to pursue blogging & writing goals

Interviews & Features:

Some of the notable features for my work with PLB are given below.

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If you are a female blogger from Pakistan, looking for a place to learn and thrive in your new found talent of writing, send us a join request at Pakistani Lady Bloggers (women only).

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