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Mehreen Farhan

Trigger warning: violence

The man lay on the ground in a pool of blood, curled up with shock and pain. He hadn’t expected I’d pull the trigger. One moment he was throwing old words at me and telling me how weak and frail I was, and the next, he found a hole in his flesh and my TT-30 still aimed right at what was now a fatal wound. His eyes moved up to mine and the horror, confusion and betrayal in them showed. Why… His eyes seemed to say as he staggered down on his knees. I went up to him, cat walking-like and showing off the new black heels I’d bought just the day before. I stopped short a few steps from him and let him crawl up to me and touch my feet. I inched away with irritation the moment he touched the new beauties on my feet only smearing them with dirt.

“There you go again baby!” I shouted. “You always ruin my shoes.” I felt disgusted by the man and gave him a light shove that probably hit harder than I thought it would. He winced in pain.

“I’m sorry darling. I love you, I really really do,” I purred like a cat in front of him and puckered up my lips in the air for him. “But you have to learn to stop messing up so much, darling. And now
you’ve ruined my new shoes.” I made a cry baby face. And then suddenly, the anger filled me and I shook with the full force of it. “Stop messing up my life you hear me! What did she have that I didn’t? Tell me?” I softened up momentarily, “She doesn’t even have a style statement to match mine,” and gave my feet a little whirl.

Then I aimed my revolver at him again, red with rage once more. “On second thought, I’ll let you cherish these last moments of your life.” I smiled with a face full of love and sang, Bang bang, I shot you down, bang bang, you hit the ground, bang bang, that awful sound… Bang bang… my baby shot me down. I looked him in the eyes one last time. It was satisfying to see horror in his eyes, the man who had created a havoc in my life now whimpered in front of me. I rubbed cleaned my new expensive shoes against his clothes, blew a kiss and walked away.

“Au revoir, baby.”

The October feeling washed over me.

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  1. Neelofar April 22, 2020 at 10:31 am

    This jealousy can lead to any thing, l mean any thing.

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