Thanks for showing interest in writing for us. Please go through the following details and see in which category you fall.

Blogging How-To’s:

We accept blogging how-to’s and tutorials for this PLB website. Please go through the website once to see if the topic is not covered before. You can write on the same topic again if e.g., you have more details to offer or a new feature launched that is not covered in the previous article. This category will also include articles on improving writing skills. Your article will first be reviewed by us to see if it is a good fit for our website.

PLB Recommendations/Feedback:

Do you love PLB? Did it help you start your blogging career or helped kick it off? Write us a recommendation and we will publish it on our website!

Social Causes or Awareness topics:

We accept write ups on social causes and topics that are aimed at bringing awareness on general topics. All articles under this category will go on Mehreen Farhan’s website.

Creative Writing (stories, poems etc):

Creative write-ups are also accepted and will be published on Mehreen Farhan’s website.

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Where To Submit:

Please send all submissions to the attention of Mehreen Farhan. E-mail submissions are to be sent to or use the contact form given below.

What Happens Next?

If we have an interest in your work, you will hear from us. Please note, we may keep submissions for some time owing to submissions already in queue. Please do not e-mail us multiple times asking if we have made a decision about your work. If we are interested in your work, you will be contacted. No immediate response from us does not necessarily constitute a rejection.

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