Share, Network, Grow

The Pakistani Lady Bloggers community connects Pakistani female bloggers from all over the country. Housing a huge number of members from diverse walks of life, PLB aims to bring them closer by promoting idea sharing and networking.

Our motto is quality over quantity, which we have successfully employed in building a community that is thriving and very responsive to new ideas despite the relatively small number as compared to other blogging communities of Pakistan.

With excellence and hard work, the PLB team works towards the cause of providing a platform from female bloggers of

Pakistan to not only share their work, but to also gain better skills. We have weekly writing prompts that motivate and inspire women, frequent live sessions to help women improve their writing and blogging skills. The group also serves as a place where women can get guidance in setting up their blogs, making them work and eventually monetizing them.

The Pakistani Lady Bloggers community is present on Facebook and Instagram. You can subscribe to its mailing list to stay up to date on the latest trends within the group. Or you can contact us to get in touch or leave a feedback.

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Our Mission

At PLB, we aim to promote our core values: share, network & grow. We house talented bloggers from all over Pakistan. One of our goals is to enable them to learn more about how the whole blogging-thing works and create networking options for them.

Join PLB

We’d love to have you in PLB! PLB is a welcoming community for all female bloggers from Pakistan. But wait, you don’t have to be a blogger to join PLB; we value readers. If you are a reader who loves reading blogs, you will find many noteworthy blogs in PLB. 

Work With Us

Want to see how PLB can work for you? Get in touch and we can explore the different ways in which we can collaborate. We excel in content development, website designing, among many other areas. To get started, contact us.