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Mehreen Farhan

[Ramzan, 23] Welcome to Day 23 of Ramzan Series 2019.
Today’s topic is the “adaab” (etiquette) of knowledge.
My dear sisters, I thought to share some things that have been running in my mind lately. I will take a few minutes of your precious time, but I promise I will try to say something worthwhile.
For the longest time, I was asking for a child. You may think that whatever I say starts from there. Well, it’s true; because this is my test and our tests should make us think.
I kept praying for a child. When I went for Umrah, I was faced with a dilemma. I felt I should rise above asking for just dunia. What can I ask Allah for that was fitting for that place? Was I just going to ask for a child? That’s it?
That place meant I could gather as much wealth of Allah’s blessings for myself and my loved ones as possible. So I wondered, what should my dua be?
Then I had an idea. There is a story of Hazrat Suleman (e.s) in the Quran where Allah gave him three choices. He could choose from wealth, power and knowledge. Hazrat Suleman chose knowledge. Allah was so happy with his choice that HE bestowed the other two gifts to Suleman also.
So… when I looked at the Kaa’ba, I asked for knowledge. I hoped I made the right choice.
Allah answered my dua in the form of my sweet friend who invited me to the Quran. At first it was all very overwhelming. The ayaat about munafiqeen troubled me deeply because it felt like someone was listing down my faults in front of me. Anyway, I kept going.
Gradually, when I started internalizing it, I faced a new problem:
Religion is something we all feel passionately about. We go to any lengths to defend it, without realizing that it’s not the religion that needs saving. Instead, religion is there to save us. When we start learning about prophets, especially our own, we feel this intense, passionate devotion to them.
I’ve been thinking a lot on this recently. Yes, we are required to be devoted to all the prophets of Allah, especially our own, Prophet Muhammad sallaalahu elehe waa aalihi wassallam. But let’s not forget, Allah created this whole universe in perfect harmony. Each time we disturb the balance, we face spoil of one kind or the other.
Same is with a Muslim. He must learn to balance all that he learns.
We all pray for so many things in our daily prayers, Alhumdullilah.
Let’s add one more dua to our list of duas, Ya Allah, teach me the “aadaab” of loving YOU, teach me the “aadaab” of loving Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Ask Allah sincerely to become your teacher in life and then you will gradually start seeing things as they really are.
Ask Allah for “ilm” that benefits, and to keep you away from the ilm that causes harm. Because yes indeed Allah created both kinds of ilm: good and bad.
Most importantly, let’s start asking Allah to give us the patience and grace to receive knowledge.
As you can probably notice, a lot of thought process was going on inside me. A lot of thoughts shifting here and there, especially when I see how as a generation we are at such crucial times.
We are the generation who has seen things become worse and we might be the only bridge for our children to know what goodness and harmony is. We have a very important role to play as MOTHERS.
Mothers, Allah is especially kind on you. Alhumdullilah. Let’s use our powerful role to building children of substance, who crave the right knowledge and practice balance.
Let us work towards beautifying the hearts of our children.
Let us teach them the grace to accept knowledge.
And if it becomes hard, let us make a lot of dua for them and ourselves.
May Allah accept all your efforts. Ameen,
Sum ameen.

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