Why should you join PLB?


At PLB, we encourage idea sharing and feedback cycles, aimed at motivating & training eager bloggers


Networking is one of our key values at PLB, building readership & promoting a trend of blog collaborations


Growth results when people are consistent & in a community that brings out their best efforts, PLB inspires growth!

Join PLB:

Thank you for showing interest in joining our Facebook community, Pakistani Lady Bloggers.

This community is for all Pakistani women who either blog or are interested in reading blogs. It brings women from diverse fields together because of their love for writing and sharing ideas. We collaborate, share our blogs and show support to other bloggers who have started their blogging ventures or are looking for a like minded network of bloggers. Bloggers are a very powerful entity in the cyber world, though unfortunately underrated in Pakistan. Once you are able to create an organized and well crafted space for them and give them direction, they can be of much value to themselves and others. This is just what the Pakistani Lady Bloggers community aims to do.

If you wish to be a part of this Facebook group, send us a join request here.

What should you know when joining PLB?

We hope you enjoy this group, and share and collaborate with other ladies while keeping in view the rules of the community.

  • This is strictly a women’s only community
  • You need not be a blogger to join it. Readers are equally important for a blogger.
  • Please answer the questions while joining. They help us decide whether you are a good fit for this community.
  • As with each group, when you are approved, you must look around to read of the community. In most cases, these are available under the ‘Announcements’ section within the group and will be available for viewing once you are approved.
  • Start off by introducing yourself and your blog/work/field.
  • Currently, we are only accepting bloggers from Pakistan.

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Other than Facebook, we are also present at the following locations. All community activities are private to the Facebook group, but you can stay updated here:

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